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Spam, Scams and Shams - How to protect yourself from internet fraud

As long as people have existed there has been someone out there plotting up new ways to con or scam you out of your possessions. Spam

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Thai Chili Coconut Lime Margarita Recipe

You may be wondering why there is a margarita cocktail recipe on a web design blog. Well other than the fact that I used to

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Is your best salesperson even a person?

Have you ever heard the expression “your website is your best salesperson”? Well, it’s true! When someone types your company’s name into a search engine,

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Avoid Snooze Letters! Start Writing Better E-mail Newsletters

Many people believe email newsletters are outdated, spam, and only clog up inboxes. With the majority of marketing being moved to online social platforms, people

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Is Social Media Taking Over the Word of Marketing?

Social media has become an essential part of our culture and it’s time to stop running from it. Platforms that we all know and love such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok can be used to better market your product or service. Social media is the future of the marketing industry.

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Don't build a website, develop an online presence

You know you need a good website, but as an individual or small business it can be a very large expense to pay up front.

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Building Websites VS Maintaining Them

A common pitfall when planning your online goals is budgeting for the initial costs but not the ongoing costs. Building a beautiful website is separate

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