From Web by Craig to WBC Designs: Celebrating 15 Remarkable Years

Celebrating 15 years of WBC Designs

As the sun casts its first light on a new day, I find myself reflecting on a journey – not just mine, but ours. The path of Web by Craig has been winding and wonderfully unpredictable, and this year, as we mark our 15th year, it’s the perfect moment to take a stroll down memory […]

7 Effective Branding Strategies: Unlock Business Success

7 Effective Branding Strategies for Business Success

Unlock success for your business? Branding strategies have the roadmap. In this article, we will explore seven powerful branding strategies that can help your business improve visibility, connect with your target audience, and become a competitive player in the market. Get ready to take your business to a new level! Develop a Strong Brand Identity […]

What is Graphic Design? The 100% Complete Explanation

What is Graphic Design? The 100% Complete Explanation

Discover what graphic design is and its role in effective communication. Explore the elements and principles of graphic design, the importance of balance, contrast, and proportion, and the evolution of graphic design from traditional print-related projects to emerging digital designs. Learn about various types of graphic design, including traditional print design, website design, user experience design, and motion graphics design. Dive into common graphic design job titles and the shift in demand for digital graphics and imagery. Lastly, explore the popular graphic design tools that help designers bring their creative visions to life.

How to Choose an Amazing Logo Designer for Your Business

How to Choose an AMAZING LOGO DESIGNER for Your Business. Logo being painted by paint brush

Why Should I hire a professional? Choosing an amazing logo designer is crucial for creating a strong brand identity for your business. Your business should hire a professional logo designer for several reasons (click to reveal): Creating a Strong Brand Identity Creating a strong brand identity A professional logo designer will work with you to […]

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