Alphi Apparel

Clothing wholesaler selling men’s and women’s fashion


Jonathan Knopp

    Alphi Apparel

  • DATE:

    2020 - Present


Logo Refresh, E-Commerce Website & Pro Hosting

Alphi Apparel knows that fashion changes quickly and they knew that if they didn’t update their own image no one would be buying their clothing. We helped them re-brand and created a more modern clean version of their logo. Then we developed a custom e-commerce site for their demanding needs. They wanted a public facing website that displayed all their clothing but more importantly they needed a B2B registration and login system that would allow them to let wholesalers order their fashions in bulk. Furthermore, it had to integrate with their already existing inventory management system and update automatically. We also wanted a powerful search and filtering feature so users could quickly find what they were looking for and browse in many different ways. Finally, there were also some extra functionalities like the store locator filtered by brands, bilingual functionality, bulk editing, and all this on a platform where they could easily make changes without any knowledge of programming. We then hosted this beast of a website with over 10,000 products and variations on a super fast, high performance server and optimized the site for speed and performance.


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