Synergie Coaching PNL

Logo and Business Cards

We took the concept for a logo, brought to us by the client, and turned it into a more stylized vector image, which could be used for print, web, and large formats as well. We then designed and printed business cards and brochures for Synergie Coaching PNL. The client was so happy with the service we provided they ordered an additional two batches of business cards!

“À l’écoute des besoins WBC offre un service qui n’existe pas allieur.

Rapide | Créatif | Impliqué | Souci du détail

Tks Craig pour tout tes travaux depuis plusieurs années. Conception graphique / design et mon site web que je suis fier de montrer à mes clients !”

Jean-Marc Paquin

Fondateur, Synergie Coaching PNL


The client needed help getting their multiple domain names and email addresses under one roof. We were able to redirect and consolidate the domains as well as setup one master email account from which they could respond with a professional email address. Once that was in place we found the perfect WordPress template for our client’s needs and customized it to match his branding and content. We hand styled each page and section down to the last pixel. We made sure it was responsive to be mobile friendly, optimized it to load faster, and tested it to make sure it worked as intended on a variety of platforms.

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