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Layne Dalfen The Dream Analyst

Dream Interpreter and Oprah Daily's Official Dream Catcher


Originally Layne hired us to rebuild her website from the ground up keeping the same design. The result was a site that was faster and functioned better on all devices. Over the years as Layne came to trust us more and more she gave us the chance to completely rebrand her. In addition to the new concept of “The Dream Analyst” we designed a new logo came up with a new color scheme and helped her rework her content. We put together a custom Monthly Website Design Package that allowed her to show off her new identity right away without another huge expense. She now has the look to match her prestige as Oprah’s go to dream analyst. Furthermore, a huge part of the work we do for her is Search Engine Optimization and it’s resulted in her site being seen by thousands of visitors.


"The site looks f***ing unbelievable"
"Craig has been invaluable in helping me expand my personal brand. He fixed up all the problems I was having with my website that I built with another web designer and has updated and improved it ever since. He has also done SEO and marketing work for me which has increased the number of visitors to my site but more importantly led to more sales and people using my services. He is also quick to respond to my last minute questions and requests and I can always rely on his in-depth knowledge. Highly recommend!"

Layne Dalfen

2017 – Present