Logo Design & Branding


Financing for Auto Dealerships

Groupe Premier (1st in French) Quebec came to us with their own ideas for a clipart logo with a cartoon car under un umbrella. We obviously convinced them to leave that idea in the dust. Instead we came up with a logo that is clean and professional. The strong contrast between the red, black and white makes for a bold presence and is reminiscent of racing colours. The red 1 superimposed on the P reminds you that they are the premiere choice and also the Premier Groupe. The Q was used to a tire with a nice rim. The client loved their new logo so much they had us turn it into shirts, water bottles, decals and of course on their website which we designed.


Independent Record Label

Edgy, 70s, Psychedelic, Original, Music; were some of the words used to describe this independent record label. We knew that we had to create an image that would match that vibe. The logo is designed to invoke the idea of an alley cat on top of a wall at sunset listening to a record player. the “S” of Street forms the tail and the “C” of Cats forms the body of the cat. The “R” is flipped on its side to form the Record and the arm of the player. Unfortunately, due to partner disagreements the label is no longer around but we just loved the logo design so much we wanted to keep it alive if only in name.


Fashion Brand

Originally the owner wanted a name that would have limited her to only the pandemic. We created a brand that could evolve with the client as they expand into other areas of fashion. We had to create a name that was unique and that would make sense in both French and English. Finally, we designed the logo to match with the new identity. It’s clean and the Y has an eyelet and thread to represent the handmade quality that this brand represents. *Due to personal reasons the owner has temporarily closed the business.


Cochlear Implant Recipients Association

As part of our mission to provide graphic and web design services to non-profit organizations we were happy to help CIRA's activism to lobby the Quebec provincial government to allow cochlear implant surgeries to be done in Montreal. We created a logo that mimics the shape of the cochlea in the inner ear and created them a website.


Lawyer / Attorney

The “T” and “S” of Tara Steinberg were used to create the scales of justice. Just like the lawyer herself we wanted a design that was bold and classy. Because of the nature of the design the logo works in multiple languages.



This synagogue wanted to modernize their look while still maintaining their visual identity. We were able to accomplish this by using the same two Hebrew letters in a similar layout but with a more modern font. We removed a lot of the extra elements the previous logo had to make it cleaner and we chose a more vibrant colour scheme.


On Linguistic Policy

The logo is purple because blue and red together make purple. Blue traditionally representing the French speaking society, and red the English in Quebec. Purple is the most powerful visible wavelength out of all of the colors in the rainbow. Purple can symbolize many things, but to sum it up in a few words, purple represents strength, transformation and power. The symbol is easily identifiable as speech and equality. More specifically equality is encapsulated within our speech. The symbolism of the logo is easily understood in French or English or any language.


Lunenburg Eatery

Mary is a talented chef in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. When she decided to open a restaurant in addition to her catering business she had a lot of trouble deciding on a name. She told us about the different types of cuisine she liked to cook and the pantry she wanted to sell prepared meals. She had chosen several names but flip flopped because none of them quite fit and they were restrictive. We came up with a tasteful name to match her varied cuisines. Hodgepodge is defined as a mixture of different things. We used the two Os to create a pig and a pie representing the restaurants offerings from sweet to savoury.


Toy Store


Non-profit organization

Blue Schools engages students in learning projects that deepen ocean understanding, raise awareness about ocean issues, and involve local community initiatives that inspire action to restore and ensure a healthy ocean for current and future generations. We designed a responsive logo for them that will work in English and French and from a small icon to a large banner and everything in between. The logo is a water drop being held up and supported by two children's hands from diverse backgrounds.


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